January 18, 2008

Chasing Redbird

Zinny found an overgrown trail that runs about twenty miles from her parents' farm in Bybanks to Choctoc Kentucky, and she spends the summer working to clear it, even though it means trespassing and stealing a horse to do it. She's also working through grief and family frustrations. I just love Creech's girls-- even though they sort of seem like the same girl, with the exception of Florida from Ruby Holler-- They're smart, they're different and don't feel like they fit in anywhere, they have wacky families, and they're trying to figure themselves out. And who doesn't feel like that at thirteen? or even at thirty-six? So, of course the books have got appeal. If you're gonna read 'em, definitely read Walk Two Moons before reading Chasing Redbird.

Plus, each time I read one, I really want to be where the characters are. I just finished Chasing Redbird, and I really want to go for a hike, but it's 10:30 at night, and everyone in my family is sleeping and sniffly.

I still have a whole list of Creech books left to read, and I checked a few out from the library today, but first I have to read some grown up books for my bookclubs.

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