January 26, 2008

What's a Kneazle?

Sweet Potato and I were thinking about that crazy Crookshanks cat in Harry Potter and wondering why he was so darned clever, and we decided to look him up. Turns out he's half kneazle, which is a cat-like creature that's very good at spotting bad characters. I found this out on the JK Rowling website. Here's some other interesting tidbits I gleaned:

Rowling is pronounced row (like row your boat) ling. I always pronounced it row (like fighting).

Dean Thomas has a whole history we never learned because there wasn't room in the book.

Gilderoy Lockhart is based on an actual person who would never suspect.

Hermione is most like JK herself.

Nearly Headless Nick got that way because the executioner botched the job. Yuck.

Veritaserum only works on people who are magically weak or unsuspecting which is why the Ministry of Magic doesn't use it in court.
Originally Sirius was going to hide out with a crazy dog-loving woman, but she and her pets got in the way of the plot, so Rowling stuck Sirius in a cave.
There are all kinds of other juicy tidbits. I never wanted to peek before because I was afraid of spoilers, but, alas, those days are gone.
I have to admit that I spent far too much time perusing the site while Sweet Potato was studiously working on her Stonehenge essay.

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