May 20, 2008

I am a Gardening Genius!

Ok, I might have to save the title of genius for when I actually plant something in the ground and then watch it not die.

Today, inbetween packing and readying for the moving sale, and changing Buckaroo's diapers, I figured out that our little plot of The Woods is in gardening zone 5 or 6. Now all gardeners can chuckle at me because I did not before know these zones existed.

Then I discovered that Lowe's has an online list of plants that will grow in each zone, and zone 6 has a heck of a lot of plants in it. It makes sense, really, because it is rather green and leafy where we are moving, but I'm a bit slow putting 2 and 2 together. Math never was my top subject.

Here' s the best part: We can grow pineapple weed! Yes, a weed. I grew up with the chamomile- like stuff in my back yard, and when I was little I would pick it and pretend to make tea-- not even knowing that I really could make tea with the little yellow flowers. Apparently it's good for pms and colicky babies, too. Buckaroo really could have used the concoction last summer.

Here's more info.

All righty, I'm off to see what other goodies I can attempt to grow. Yee Haw.
PS. I found a Mexican restaurant only 22 minutes away from us! I just wonder if it's Massachusetts Mexican. Luckily, they sell margaritas as well, so I'll just start with one of those, and everything else will be delicioso.


Susan said...

I knew a Texan whose rule was "Don't eat Mexican food in a state that doesn't touch Mexico." I've been sorely disappointed when I haven't followed her guidance. Hope it's better for you!

MindfulMama said...

Awww. Just found your blog thru the tribal areas at MDC. What a transition you are going to have to make!!! I am sure you will desperately miss CA...but I hope you find lots to love about Mass. And yes, we have hummingbirds :-)