June 28, 2008

California Time

We found our red clock in our boxes and haven't had the heart to move it ahead three hours. We're all still fighting the time change-- going to bed at midnight and waking up at 10 a.m.

Last night I had a dream that I was at a party at my friend Cynthia's house in California. All of my friends were there, and they were all eating these gorgeous cakes, mousses, pies, and tarts from the bakery. They looked so yummy, piled high with whipped cream (which is on my list of top ten favorite foods). Everyone was raving about how fabulous they tasted and how I really should try some. I am still (in real life) attempting to be wheat- and dairy-free because the Buckaroo is allergic, and I'm still nursing him. So, in the dream I'm eating salad, and it's a lovely salad, tangy, maybe a bit too much arugula, which might be on my top ten list of least favorite foods. I'm saying no, no, I'll pass on dessert. I can't have that. Really, I'm enjoying this salad, so delicious.

Then I woke up and it was foggy and chilly outside, but somehow still humid, and I thought: Here I am in my big Massachusetts salad with giant arugula mosquitoes. I was in a funk all morning.

But hallelujah in a handbasket, we found some good-smelling mosquito repellent. It's Burt's Bees, and it's kind of pricey, so I think I might use the ingredients to make my own. We'll see. R can't stand the smell of repellent, so every time I go near him he sniffs at me and scrunches up his nose.

In other news: I don't know if I've mentioned, but the blue jays out here are much prettier than the California jays. See for yourself: This one is from Yosemite. The one above is a New England jay.

Today we went to a street fair sort of thing, where I bought eight books for 80 cents! Woo hoo! Then we ogled some antiques, and I bought some sweet glass salt and pepper shakers with silver lids. Also, they had a tin-topped table just like ours. I've never seen one before, so maybe it's an East Coast thing.

Then we had sandwiches on something called a bulkie (I keep calling it a bunchie, and the big kids roll their eyes at me). It looks suspiciously like a kaiser roll. People here are also big on purple cow ice cream, but I have yet to discover what flavor this really is.

We planned to go to church tomorrow, but it turns out all of the Unitarians out here take off for the summer and don't come back 'til fall. Crazy UUs. We may check out the Congregationalists instead because we really want to meet some people.

Later, R put together a tether ball and pole. I have to say I doubted his ability to do this, but it's done. Oh, me of little faith. We played a few mean games of tether ball until Obo accidentally smacked Sweet Potato in the noggin, and they both swore they'd never play again.
Back to the drawing board.
Obo reminded me that I never posted a photo of him with his spiffy new haircut. So here he is at graduation with his friend Girl of No Words:

Isn't he a handsome English, er, American bloke?

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Masasa said...

Call ahead to the churches because even some of the congregationalists take the summers off out here. Lots of folks here "summer," as in "I am summering in New Hampshire," etc. Weird, I know.

The whole close down for summer tradition drives me a little batty, but I am using the time (since I work for a church) to catch my breath and hopefully (hasn't happened yet) get organized for the year. Out here the pace of life is sooooooo fast during the academic year. At least that was my sense. I couldn't keep up. I hope to get better at keeping up each year, starting with this upcoming one.