June 23, 2008

On the Water

I could get used to this lake business.
Yesterday it rained all day, and after the excitment of the thunder and lighnting wore off it was miserable. We all stayed inside and got snippy with each other.
Then after dinner, miraculously, the sky cleared. R and I went down to the water, and he showed me a fish nest. It's a circle in the sand in the shallow water, and the fish was sweeping it out with her tail. I'm assuming it was a girl-fish. Very cool. There were baby fish darting all about, too. There was no one on the lake, and everything was so still. We dashed up to the house and told the kids to put on their suits.
The bummer about the boat is that it's kind of a mess and very environmentally unfriendly at the moment. We have much guilt about this, but we don't yet have a hitch on the car to take the boat in for fixing. R is working on it right now, actually.
We took a couple of spins on the water, and I even had my turn in the tube-- which reminded me that I'm not longer a spring chicken, maybe a late summer chicken. I might have accused R of trying to kill me so he could get himself a new wife.
Then Buckaroo and I hung out on the beach, and he chased the ants (they are the most gigantic ants I've ever seen) while the kids took another turn.
Well, it's after noon, and I really should change out of my pajamas . . . .

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen a fish nest - is it a trout? Also, I'm sending warmth your way - do you feel it? Queen Woodworker...