July 28, 2008

Day Six: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Band Girl's Mom and I made an expedition to Trader Joe's in Acton today, and she was thoughtful enough to blog about it for me. I've included my comments in brackets:

Went out with Band Girl's Mom and her two whiny girls on an adventure to Trader Joe's. Band Girl's Mom promised a fun day of shopping and eating at an organic restaurant, but all that happened was Band Girl's Mom's toddler screamed and cried and whined, creating a chain reaction of chaos in the "one tire low pressure" van.
[Toddler Girl was very tired, and I often have breakdowns in the car, so I can sympathize. Plus, Buckaroo screamed in the car non-stop for the first year of his life].
After stopping for a hugs and peepee and poopoo break . . . no improvement.
[Buckaroo was happy for the opportunity to nurse during the break].
After not much shopping, the starving kiddies and mommies raced to the organic CLOSED MONDAYS restaurant! After the yummy trip to Trader Joe's, the starving children resumed their cry fest during our search for any local, non-chain eatery that WAS open on Monday.
[I did think that only museums were closed on Mondays, but Buckaroo started the second cry fest all by himself].
Band Girl's Mom succeeded in finding a suitable place to eat (for adults only), and the only item I was chomping at the bit for was "not available" on MONDAY!!
[My quiche was delicious and had less wheat than the ravioli anyway. The restaurant was virtually empty, so the kids had a great time dancing in the windows and playing waitstaff].

The End

PS Did I mention that Band Girl's Mom's toddler tried to poison California Dreamin Mom's babe with wheat crackers and bread???
[It was very sweet of Toddler Girl to share her snack with Buckaroo, and I have developed a hawkeye for children bearing gifts of wheat. Despite the craziness, I was happy just to be out of The Woods for a few hours and having adult conversation-- even between the shrieks].
Me again: I like the idea of being California Dreamin Mom. I still dream about my friends in California every night. When we walked into TJ's it almost felt like home (except that they don't have a beer and wine section. Bah!). When I got to the check out line, I got a little choked up because that's where I would usually make a last minute chocolate purchase to take to my poetry group.
I'm missing poetry, and I'm on the lookout for other wayward wordworkers.
In other news: Today is R's birthday, and he's celebrating with Indian food. Eat a samosa for me, honey!

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Anonymous said...

dinner with sweet potato and california dreamin mom's ex hubby was fun.