August 14, 2008

And a Wake Up

Here's my scarf. It's about 3.5" x 3.5" so far. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's nearly miraculous that I haven't unraveled it. I can't imagine what I'm supposed to do when I get to the end of my spool of yarn or where the tassels come into it, so I just keep telling myself: one stitch at a time.
Some other stitches I'm taking one at a time:
Did you know that there are 2,000 pounds in a ton? Well, you probably did, but I didn't. That means we're about to have 8,000 pounds of wood pellets delivered to our home. That is roughly the weight of a full-grown African Elephant. I'm not so good with measurements, but I really don't think this elephant is going to fit in our basement.
Have you read that story "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman? It's not a happy read, about a woman suffering from post-partum depression. I'm beginning to think that the knotty pine in the house is going to be my yellow wallpaper during the winter if I don't get out of the house. I can already see the knots turning into eyes. Who's watching me?
I'm thinking of taking a class.
While Buckaroo and I have been wiling away the hours out here in The Woods, R has been working like a hamster on a wheel out there in California-- the regular job, pet sitting, cleaning out the office, and interviewing for jobs like a mad man.
He has some insane number of in-person job interviews lined up for next week, but the company at the top of his list is an hour away. I know we'll be lucky if he doesn't have to drive into Boston, but an hour still seems very, very far. In sunny California his job was only five minutes away, and I got myself in a huff if he wasn't home by 5:30. You see why it's difficult to be married to me.
Speaking of which, we are about to set upon our third wedding anniversary this month. Three-- we're just pre-schoolers in marriage, barely potty trained. Isn't it sweet? It will be good to have him home again.
That crazy-haired Sweet Potato, too.


Anonymous said...

I'm on my way baby!

Anonymous said...

I love your knitting - you are doing an excellent job of it! I know the answer to your question on the tassels. I can hear your excitement in your voice - yeh, your family is coming home to you! QW