October 27, 2008

Fairy Homes & Skateboard Dreams

You know how I said I didn't want to peek inside the milkweed pods? Well, R had no problem with peeking, and inside he found the coolest looking seeds at the end of all the fluff, all laid flat like peacock feathers.
Also, Sweet Potato earned the role of a weed in the school musical, and she said, "When I said I wanted a non-speaking part, I should have said a non-speaking human part." I said she could pretend to be a milkweed because it's the prettiest weed I've ever seen.
A few nights ago I dreamed I was skateboarding, and it wasn't one of those out-of-control driving dreams where I tried to steer my pillow.
Instead I had my knees bent, zooming through traffic downhill at high speed, and I wasn't afraid at all. I wasn't even worried about falling. In fact I did fall, and it didn't hurt. I think I was able to have this dream (I've never had one like it) because of water skiing. All of those times I tried to ski and couldn't do it I think I was sabotaging myself because I was so afraid to fall.
I haven't quite analyzed the dream yet. Maybe it has something to do with learning to snowboard this winter. The weird thing is that the next day I went to pick up Sweet Potato at school, and the gym class was learning how to skateboard on the blacktop. What? You'd think that would be a sport they'd teach in California. Then, R and I went to the bank to apply for our home equity line, and there was a blond-haired boy in the lobby with a single doll-sized skateboard, no rider. He was zooming it back and forth across the floor. I had that there are no coincidences feeling. Skateboarding signs everywhere, but when is the epiphany going to happen? Does it mean I shouldn't be afraid to fall, ya know, emotionally? Skateboarding: It's not a crime, but is it a sign?
Correction: R does not enjoy leaf blowing, and it is not futile. If we didn't blow the leaves they'd pile up over the house, and we'd all suffocate. R's a hard worker bee.

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