August 31, 2010

For the Lurve of Birch

The downside of Ball Hill Trail in Leominster State Forest is where you can smell the town dump, so that's unfortunate, but the upside is where the mushrooms grow. R is becoming a mushroom connoisseur, and while he promises never to eat them, we spend a goodly amount of time inspecting and photographing fungi.

We took Buckaroo for a few hikes last weekend as it's becoming our new favorite pastime, at least until the chill is upon us. Ball Hill was supposed to be a short hike that went rather long, but I spotted this lovely, curling birch. I think of silver birches as the princesses of the forest, so fancy in their ball gowns, but the paper birches remind me of, well, paper. I see one and feel inspired to write a poem.

So hiking=writing + ice cream-- because a long hike must be rewarded with something sweet and delicious for the tummy as well as the mind.

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Anonymous said...

I lurve Birch too! There is one that grows in the front of my office and I've been told its root system may be causing some water leakage around and in the front lawn area - that was a year ago and so far it is still standing. I lurve to hear the wind blow through the long branches and leaves, it is a rustling/shaking sound as if to say hello. When its branches fall and they look sturdy enough for a project I stop and collect them. I have another key chime in mind - Love, Mom