January 9, 2008

The Big Move

So, my in-laws are giving us a house. Well, we're not sure if it's a gift or just a deep discount at this point, but it's a house, it's on a lake, and it's on the other side of the country. We don't own a house now. We live in California, and we've been waiting so so patiently for the housing market to get a bit less crazy, but it's never going to happen here. Even if it did, I'd still have to put the buckaroo in child-care and work full-time, and we still wouldn't be able to afford enough bedrooms for all of us. So, that's that. I should be happy. I love a lake.
The thing is, I don't love snow. I know this is because I grew up in Auburn, CA, and it got fairly cold there in the winter, and I was never never never dressed appropriately, so my tushie turned into a popsicle. But it only snowed every other winter in Auburn, and in the Massachusetts woods it snows every other day. I've been watching the weather channel like never before. I don't even know how to ski. I am planning to learn how to snow shoe, though. R says there's probably not much learning to it, just strap 'em on and go.
Also, though, I don't know anyone in MA, with the exception of my in-laws, and they're going to be almost two hours away. So, every day the big kids are going to hop on the school bus, R is going to commute (to where? How far? We don't know yet), and the buckaroo and I are going to be alone in the snowy woods. Could be rough on a mama.
This is the lake where we will be living. It's the farther one. No snow in the picture, though.
R says it's time for bed now. He can't sleep without me. It's very sweet and, yet, somewhat annoying.

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