January 15, 2010

Retrenching/In Another Light

Buckaroo playing drums in music class

I've been complaining a lot lately-- not just complaining, actually: whining. I keep apologizing to the friends who graciously listen to me again and again, but then I catch myself starting back up.

A couple of weeks ago I started to write a new post about how frustrated I am that we're cutting back some of our expenses-- the kids' classes, our grocery bill, and Sparkle Mama's house cleaning-- but I couldn't finish it because I knew in the grand scheme of things I was being ridiculous.

I had just about finished the post when Haiti was hit by its devastating earthquake, and I thought I am an ass.

Yep, it's a bummer that I won't hear Sweet P's tinkering at the piano for a while and that I have to scrub my own toilet, but it's not devastating. My children are healthy and we all have full bellies, a warm house. The rest is gravy.

Even in the retrenching there were some blessings: Buckaroo's music teacher offered us a scholarship to continue her class, and Sparkle Mama quickly filled our time slot with the house of another my mama friends.

So in honor of the people who are suffering in Haiti, and because Americans are still fighting for their basic civil rights on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2010, I am going to try to be grateful every day for all that I do have. I know there will be days when I'll take my good fortune for granted-- I'm not perfect-- but I can at least strive for some balance.

Right now I'll make a donation and sign a petition or two. Here are a couple of links if you'd like to do the same:

Donate for Haiti relief: http://www.moveon.org
Donate for (or learn about) marriage equality: http://www.standingonthesideoflove.org


Anonymous said...

I could use your "get with it spirit" Love, Mom

love said...

Thanks so much for your recommendation of our website and our work! -Jay Carmona, Online Organizer, Standing on the Side of Love

Patricia Caspers said...

You're welcome, Jay. Every little thing.