January 14, 2008

Buckaroo Dream

I was trying to sign up for classes at the local junior college, but all of the forms had been filled out in Chinese. I was carrying Buckaroo in my arms and went to sit down at a lunch counter to have a snack while I was waiting for the receptionist to bring out new blank forms. I realized I was sitting next to Buckaroo's (dream) biological mom. We had an open adoption. She was young, and come to think of it, looked a lot like my mom when she was sixteen and pregapotamus with me-- long dark hair, olivey skin, and short.

She was eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese (not the Annie's bunny kind, I noticed), and she started feeding it to Buckaroo. I tried to tell her that he's allergic to wheat and dairy, and he couldn't have any of that stuff because he was going to swell up like an angry, pink, balloon. She wouldn't listen but looked over at her friend and rolled her eyes.

Then I think Buckaroo woke me up for real.

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