January 12, 2008

I Due Villaggi

I just finished reading my friend Renato's book. His title is Islands in the Wind, but his Italian publisher changed the title to I Due Villaggi (The Two Villages) which he is not all that crazy about. His publisher also cut off the end, and Renato feels that the book is incomplete without it. So far it's only available in Italian, in Italy, but he let me read the English manuscript-- which sounds so literary and famousish.
The story is about this Italian guy who is fighting in Albania when Italy surrenders and the guy is forced into shoveling snow for the Germans, and there's plenty of it. It's a very manly story. When the soldiers are not starving, they are starving for the tender touch of a woman. Then there's a lot of walking ragged and starving through snow storms, and there's love, of course. What kind of Italian story would it be without the love of a good woman?
Renato is looking for someone to edit his English manuscript. I told him that my writing style is too casual, and I don't think we'd be a good match, but I do hope he finds someone soon.

Here's the link if you read Italian: http://santiquaranta.dyndns.biz/pag/Content.aspx?vl=11&vd=141

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