January 17, 2008

Short Dream

Last night my friends Kate and Jaime threw me a party, so I could see my dad one last time before he died. Weird. My dad was there, and I knew he was going to die, and yet I couldn't bring myself to speak to him. Sweet Potato was sitting on his lap. At least I think it was Sweet Potato. It may have been my brother when he was little. I was videotaping the party, and I zoomed in on Sweet Potato's face, and then my dad's face, and I couldn't believe how much they looked alike.

On a sidenote, Kate and Jaime's exes both showed up at the party and wanted their divorce papers signed, which is just silly because Kate and Jaime don't have exes as they have been sweethearts since they were in utero.

There wasn't even cake.

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