January 12, 2008

Yucky Day

Our car won't start. We just bought it two weeks ago, and this morning, kaput. We're supposed to pick up some carpet from a freecycler, and she's getting antsy. Obo was supposed to have his homework done ages ago, and he won't do it. He just sits and stares out the window, and longer he sits, the bigger the coils of steam coming out of R's ears. We were all supposed to go to a babysitting co-op party, but we're just stewing.

Something good must happen today.
Well, we have a possible cat adopter for Sam. She came to visit him and said she'll think it over. It would be so good to know that he's going to a happy home with people we know -- or sort of know. He's a sweet kitty, really. I don't want to drive across the country with him, though, or find him half-eaten by coyotes.

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