February 4, 2008

My Valentine Shoes

Last weekend R and I strolled downtown, and R decided to buy some swanky shoes at the little mom and pop shoe store. We went in, and I spotted my favorite red Earth shoes. I have a pair that I bought about four years ago and have worn nearly every day since then. I don't even care whether or not they match what I'm wearing-- there's just something about red shoes that make me feel jaunty.

Buckaroo was sleeping on my back in the Ergo, and the sales lady (young and pretty, plumpish with long dark hair and perfect bow lips) came over to ooh and ahh at him.

The young sales woman went to help R with his purchase, and while he was trying on shoes I mentioned that maybe I could get a new pair of Earth shoes for Valentine's Day. The saleswomen thought that was a funny valentine gift, but I said, "I've given up trying to be surprised, and at least they're red."

R said if I wanted the shoes I had to leave the store, so I could at least act surprised when I got them on Valentine's Day. I promptly announced my shoe size to the room and walked out.

This is where the story gets interesting as I found out when R breathlessly rushed into the toy store where I was shopping down the street.

The plumpy little saleswoman helped R with his purchases, and as she was ringing them up, he asked, "Don't I get a Valentine's Day discount?"

"I've got your Valentine's discount right here," she said, pointing to her perfectly lipsticked smackers. R was dumbfounded. Surely she did not mean what he thought she meant? Then the saleswoman bagged up his shoe boxes, walked all the way around the counter, and stood as close to him as she possibly could while handing over the bag (with my shoes!). She stopped, looked up at him and made doe eyes.

R grabbed the bag and ran-- or at least that's what he says he did. I think I believe him.

When I told all my girlfriends at Jane Austen night (a hit!) they said I should call the mom and pop shoe store and complain to the pop. The little upstart could be driving away customers.

When R told all of the guys at work what happened, they wanted to know which store it was so they could meet this woman for themselves. R thinks mom and pop won't be losing business any time soon.

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R said...

I like the version where:

When she looked up at me and made doe eyes.

I say," I would prefer to have the money" and then I casually walk away.