March 10, 2008

Yum Baby Yum

Today was carrot cake day. My friend Fay gave me a recipe for the wheatless cake from Live Well Magazine (of which I had never before heard). Carrot is our favorite. We tried to have carrot cake for our wedding, but the baker said she couldn't do cream cheese frosting, so we had to nix it. What is the point of carrot cake without the cream cheese, I ask you?

Which is why today's was not a wheat- and dairyless carrot cake. Obo (who was still in homework Hades) took a break long enough to look horrifiedly at the cream cheese container. He likes to dip his chips in the stuff and could imagine no other purpose for it. Boy, was he surprised at what a little sugar could do.

The cake is pretty tasty if I do say so myself, and I even made it with Buckaroo strapped and sleeping on my back. The wheat-free baked goods have this kind of sandy texture that's just eh, and they either need a bit of something crunchy or a whole lot of chocolate to bring them around. This cake has pineapple, coconut, and I added large bits of walnut to make it nice and chunky.

R is excited that we've found a cake we can make for Buckaroo's first birthday, which is right around the corner. I'll have to make it walnutless for him, I guess, but I'll just frost it after I give him his big boy birthday slice!