June 14, 2008

And One Last Big Farewell

I made a California Montage to make myself feel better-- or to wallow, not sure.
I'm working on positive visualization. This is the lake. I picture myself here, and it's quiet, and I don't have this ball of lava in my belly waiting to erupt. I'm happy in my picture.
Then the picture gets blurry because I'm crying all over the place.
Leaving sucks.


Suzanne said...

I'm visualizing you and Buckaroo in that chair and you're nursing him. There are bird sounds in the air and I'm sure they're chickadees -- black-capped chickadees are Massachusetts' state bird, after all. I think I hear sounds of the rest of the gang setting up a tetherball pole, but I can't be sure. It's all peaceful and it smells faintly of lucky charms.

This is helping me. I send my love to you!

Sandy said...

We can't wait to come out in October. I can imagine how it will be in the autumn air - cool and warm at the same time. I see you sitting and being calm but just for a bit, then off you'll go!