June 11, 2008

Three a.m.

Not so much sleeping happening here. It could be all of the spicy food, or it could be Buckaroo waking up to nurse just when I'm finally falling asleep.
R told me that when he was in the navy and looking forward to being on leave he and his friends wouldn't say, "three more days."
They'd say, "two days and a wake up" because the last day was spent traveling, so it didn't count.
I really want my last day to count. I feel R has significantly shortened my days in California.
He's right, though. The last day we have to leave for the airport around 10:30 in the morning. I'm usually lucky to be out of my pajamas by that time.
I'm thinking that, to extend my stay on the West Coast, I would like to give up sleep for the next two days, making up for the traveling day with my night time hours.

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