June 16, 2008

T's Tea

My mom is the super-woodworking queen of the world.

She made this tea box for me and had it mailed to The Woods, and it was here when we arrived. Isn't it lovely? Of course, it made me cry. I'm a big fan of tea, and I have been envious of my friend Fay's tea box for some time. My mom took a woodworking class this semester, and she made a mirror for Sweet Potato and a letter box for Obo. The tea box was a collaborative effort between her and my step-dad.

We have arrived at last. It's been raining, which is blah, but we've had a tad of thunder and lightning, too. Today (before the lightning) Buckaroo had his first ride on the lake. He looked very sweet in his girly pink life jacket.

Other things I am enjoying very much: Buckaroo can wander the house freely without fear of electrocution


Non-leaking shower with overhead heater

Found the local library today, and while I have not yet enjoyed its services, it is a cool building.

The laurel bushes-- they are in bloom all around the house, and the flowers look like white piped buttercream frosting
The walk to the mailbox

I am not, however, enjoying the mosquitoes. They're monstrous, prehistoric things.

Meanwhile, Sweet Potato, her dad, and cousin have made it to Ohio in their cross-country drive (fly?). They've seen a sight or two as well. Obo is a bit lost without his sister. Today I taught him how to play solitaire.

Now, while Buckaroo is sleeping, I'm off to read Sense and Sensibility and drink a hot cup of chamomile.


Suzanne said...

Yippee!!! You made it and have internet! We miss you already. I am jealous of your thunderstorms. I can't wait to talk to you. Until then, enjoy the Austen. Oh, and should I fear that my monkey will be electrocuted?

Anonymous said...

Your place sounds wonderful! Knowing you love your tea box makes me so happy. Love the Queen Woodworker...