June 24, 2008

Poppies and Tea and Rain

Yay! The boat man is coming tomorrow to fix the boat. No more spewing smoke! (This is not our boat in the picture, by the way. It just happened to be in the sunset.)
Today during a break in the rain Buckaroo and I scattered California poppy seeds in the garden (Thanks Ellie!) I don't know if they'll grow because the directions said they like full sun and drought, and it's all shady and wet around here. Maybe just one poppy?
Oh, but here's a cool thing about the rain. There are so many trees that it's hard to tell sometimes when the rain has stopped because the wind blows and it shakes more water off of the leaves, and it feels like rain all over again.
Today I also found an excellent recipe for sweet tea. I've never been able to make a good batch of the stuff, but I've been craving it since we got here. Something about the humidity I guess. So this is the best sweet tea ever! McDonald's has got nothin' on it. I think I might use a tad less sugar next time, and I sure do wish I had a meyer lemon to squeeze over it instead of the regular old kind. Ah, well. One cup at a time.
In other news, my mom has her own blog now. It's almost as sweet as that tea. Check it out!

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