July 5, 2008

Avaricious Squirrels

This is our bird feeder. I don't know how well you can see him, but there's a squirrel inside of there. We think he's the same squirrel who's using our porch as his potty area at night.
R filled the bird feeders, even though the neighbors have warned us about attracting the local bear, and every morning it's like Snow White out there. We open the front door, and all of the little critters run up the hill.
The big kids finally seem to be enjoying the great outdoors. A few days ago they built a big sandcastle on the beach, and yesterday Sweet Potato photographed all of her playmobils enjoying different outdoor activities. Today she played croquet with the neighbor's granddaughters, and when she came home for lunch, she burst in the door and said, "I made friends!" I knew she had it in her.
People try to introduce themselves to Buckaroo, but he just shakes his head and says no. I think he's missing his favorite Monkey Girl.
R finally hooked up the radio in the front room, and we're rocken out!


Kathi said...

Hi There! We "met" on MDC, I'm glad to see your move to MA went well. I'm in Leominster, so hello from your neighbor!

Masasa said...

I posted some comments tonight from your posts both before and after this one. I'm another MDCer waving hello!