July 3, 2008

Blueberry Season

Yesterday I tasted my first wild blueberry, and it was sour. I guess they still have to ripen even though they look blue enough. I just hope the jays haven't eaten them all before I get my paws on them. R dug up one of our plethora of bushes, and we're giving it to our FMF (see previous post). They want to trade us for a raspberry bush, but I'm not hot on raspberries, much to my friend Laura's dismay. No, really. They don't taste like anything to me. Plus, I am not a fan of thorns.
Also, yesterday the kids and I got completely lost trying to find Best Buy. I think they do not believe in street signs in Massachusetts. They also can't seem to give a street fewer than three names. I had heard this, but I hadn't really experienced it until the GPS couldn't figure out what I was asking of it. We did make it eventually, but it cost me a few swear words.
Well, Bob the boatman did not fix the boat after all. Now we're thinking of shelving the stinky boat for the summer and taking up kayaking. Our neighbor, G, says we can borrow her kayaks any time. We can always learn to water ski next year.
Today is windy, and the mosquitoes have been momentarily blown away! I'm off to enjoy the bug-free outdoors while it lasts.

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Masasa said...

Yep, blueberries are supposed to be in season in July here. I am eager to try them out! You just missed the end of strawberry season by a week or two I think!