July 30, 2008

Day Eight: Frogs and Nasturtiums

The poppies may be drowning, but the nasturtiums are thriving. I forgot I planted these little guys by the neighbor's swings, and I when I took Buckaroo over there for a ride, they were all popped up and waving at me.
The package said they won't flower much with over watering and rich soil, but I don't even care! I'm just so happy to see a familiar leaf.

R's mom planted a bunch of these white bloomers around the house, and they're finally bursting with the sunshine. I don't know what they're called, but the neighbor is growing them, too, and hers are purple. Here's an up-close shot:

Other exciting news: Frog Boy and his mama came over today for a swim, and Buckaroo was so excited to have a playmate that he pinched and squeezed and pulled hair and completely traumatized Frog Boy. Buckaroo also shared his chips and fed Frog Boy some peach, so I hope that made up for the abuse.

While we were in the lake we saw a big, stripy frog, and he sloshed through the water with big splashes.

Also, it turns out that Frog Mama and her husband were married the exact same day as R and me. Also, our boys were conceived one day apart. How crazy is that?-- we've been living the same lives on opposite sides of the country.

Oh, and they like to water ski, so when R gets back we're all going out on the water before it gets too coldy.

Now Buckaroo is napping, so I'm off to unpack a box and read the new Anne Brashares book, The Last Summer (of You and Me), which is not part of the Traveling Pants series but has some promise anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that little flowers is a Clematis???? but not positive, because I think they are a vine...
Beautimus, anywho.. QW