July 23, 2008

Day One: The Gloomiest Day Ever

It's like Wuthering Heights around here. I took Buckaroo for a walk after dinner, and I fully expected Heathcliff to come bounding through the brush hollering after Catherine's ghost.
So Buckaroo and I dropped the rest of the family off at the airport today. R and I had a very hasty goodbye while Buckaroo pulled my hair and Sweet Potato cried, "What? This is it? We're parting ways already?"
Obo was very excited about his visit to England and even shaved his fuzzy mustache for the occasion. That's our boy.
Buckaroo and I managed to find our way home from Logan airport. I was hoping to stop by Whole Foods on the way, but we got-- not lost, but misdirected. It was probably best because Buckaroo was asleep in the backseat anyway. It was a very slow drive home because it rained the kind of rain where you can't see the car in front of yours and the windshield wipers are working so hard it seems they might fling themselves off of the glass.

At home the rain let up for two minutes, so we went outside to play and that's when we saw the lake all shrouded in mist. Very eerie. I wonder if that's what it looks like in the fall. It felt like October-- or how I imagine October feels here. A California October is really the best month of summer.
Oh, and we also saw our owl friend again-- just a glimpse and he swooped low to the ground through the trees.
Tonight: More torrential rain with thunder and lightning.

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