July 25, 2008

Day Three: Drowned Poppies

It did not rain today, miraculously. It gave Buckaroo and me a change to head outdoors and inspect the damage. My California poppy sprouts look a lot like this one-- well, the ones that are still standing. Most are laid flat. I also planted some nasturtium in a stump in front of our house, and today there was one brave little sprout poking out. I'm cheering it on.
Plastic flowers are very popular out here. I don't understand it now, but I'm thinking it might make more sense in February.
Buckaroo has a green goopy nose, and I was feeling very low energy, so we didn't do much today. We spotted some gnarly insects, though. There was something that looked like a black bobby pin with wings hanging out on the black-eyed susans, and a couple of daddy long legs-looking spiders, but with bright orange bodies, on the front porch. They must be the guys building their spiderwebs everywhere. I can't keep up with them. They're like doozers.
Other than that, I just wrestled a garden hose and won.

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