July 4, 2008

First Family Fourth

This is the first year our little family has been all together for the 4th of July. Obo said he was determined not to enjoy the holiday since he is a Brit. I said, "Obo, you are half American, remember?" and he said, "Then I'll half enjoy it."
I think he did enjoy the junk food.

We went to a bbq with our FMF. Oh, and as an aside, everyone out here assumes that we're vegetarian or vegan because we're from California. Ha! I say. We delight in meat. Actually, I am thinking of cutting way back in the meat department and only eating it once a month on special occasions because I think we'd all be healthier, but that is totally off the subject. Now back to it: We thought there might be teenies or tweenies at the barbie, but it turns out they were all off gallivanting around the globe. The big kids were left to their own devices. I, however, was invited to a moms' night out and a book club! R was invited to create a band, but, alas, he sold his drums.

We thought that we would be bereft of fireworks because they are illegal in Massachusetts, so we were very excited to see everyone shooting them off illegally around the lake. It is very wet out here, I suppose, and they are pretty. But, then, what is it with men and dynamite? I don't understand the loud booming things that have no sparkly lights. What is the point, I ask you? All they did was wake up my baby from a perfectly lovely slumber at 9 p.m. and keep him up until 10:30. The whole place sounded like a war zone, so then I thought: Is this what the 4th is all about, recreating war? That's a bizarre little way to celebrate-- right up there with creating the effigy of a conspirator and burning him.

R says it's time for bed now. I'm almost adjusted to the time change.

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Masasa said...

LOL about all the meat-- yuck! We perpetuated the west coasters as vegetarians idea when we arrived.

In any case, I wish we had gotten to see fireworks. Worcester did not have a scene at all, except Summer Nationals which is an event involving city-sanctioned drag racing and "burnouts" (whatever that is) on Main St. Um, yeah. I am so not the type who enjoys that kind of thing. Next year we are heading to the south shore for 'works on the beach.

Your description of the funny notion of recreating war made me laugh and nod in recognition. In WA, where we lived, there was no city fireworks show (versus where we had lived in CO prior to that). But there were tons of fireworks folks sent off at the park just two blocks from our house. On one hand, I loved all the spectacular things people did, and how up close we could get. On the other hand, I was always afraid our house would get burned down LOL.

Anyway, I can't wait to meet you! I love having someone else finally to share the west to east coast move experience with!