July 1, 2008

First Mass Friends

This is a picture of a clematis growing in our neighbor's yard. R's mom planted one here, too, and said I need to water it more often. I thought the rain was doing a great job on its own, but we haven't had any rain today!

Also, Bob the stinky boat man finally showed up! Unfortunately, he left the boat with a dead battery, so we still don't know whether or not there is smoke billowing from the engine because we can't start the engine. R says Bob is the last of a dying breed in Massachusetts and we'd be hard-pressed to replace him. Erg.

So, we've made friends, and they took us to a tasty Mexican restaurant last night. Yippee. We attempted Mexican food in New Hampsha one day, and it was ok, but the margaritas seemed to be made of only ice and tequila. I was about to ask the waitress if the lime and sugar were coming separately when I saw that the people at the table next to ours were slurping their margaritas happily. I decided to keep my California mouth shut and mix my drink with Sweet Potato's lemonade.

Anyway, back to the FMF (as they will forevermore be known). They are the friendliest people I've ever met in my life. At first I thought it was just a Massachusetts thing, but now I think it's just them. They've practically invited us to move in with them.

Last night on the way home from dinner R decided to have an impromptu, "How ya feelin' about the move" check in. Obo said he's much happier now, and he's looking forward to making some friends. Sweet Potato said she likes the lake, but she's also looking forward to her trip back to visit California. Buckaroo said he doesn't care where we live as long as we keep him stocked with Tings (actually he just made the sign for more food, or oof as he calls it).

How do I feel? Tired, mostly. I think I still haven't recovered from the time change. It is fairly amazing to go for a long, hot walk in the woods and then jump into the lake to cool off, which I did yesterday, but I'm missing my old life, too. I miss seeing someone I know every time I go out. It's only been two weeks, though, and I've been told I have to give it two years.

I asked R how he felt, and he said, "I love it here."

Buckaroo is making the milk sign, and he's covered from head to toe in soy yogurt. Time to sign off.


Anonymous said...

At first I thought you met your new MASS friends at Mass - like you know, church... I'm glad you're on the road to adjusting out there in the woods...jump right into your life - that's what I say, don't hold back and put a two year mark on living.
I've been thinking about cream puffs since probably the first of June and I'm sure reading your dream about whip cream pushed me into the baking mode. I think I can make them even better next time around. Love Ya QW...

Masasa said...

I can't believe you've already made friends out here. Whoah! You go girl!

As for the time change, um, it is a killer.