July 6, 2008

Mt. Potato

R kept telling me that he was an outdoorsy boy, but I never believed him, so now I think he's trying to prove himself by hiking his off his little legs. We took the whole brood to Mt. Watatic (which I like to call Mt. Potato) on Saturday. Obo refused to go. He wanted to stay home, sit on his bum-oley, and read.

Much to Obo's chagrin, I remembered Ginger. In college, Ginger lead all kinds of outdoor trips all over the place, and while leading a hike in the Grand Canyon she told me that her parents were avid hikers, and when she was little she hated it, so she would sit down in the middle of the path and shout, "I'm not going any farther!" Amazing!
And in that spirit we bit Obo's ankles and dragged him to the car by his earlobes. He didn't threaten to sit down on the path, but he did hike about 300 feet behind us the whole way. Ah, well, baby steps.

We slathered ourselves with bug spray, and we saw some cool plants and fungi, including red mushrooms! I've seen so many cartoons of red mushrooms, but it never occurred to me that they really existed. I thought they were just out of fairytales, but no! They're in New England.

Oh, and R pointed out that the Massachussans mark their hiking trails much better than they mark their roads. Far better than they do in California, too.

We weren't able to finish the hike because we got a late start. It took a long time to drag Obo to the car, and Sweet Potato had to wear her hair in pigtails, etc. We made it about halfway and turned back, so we'll have to go again and photograph the view.

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Masasa said...

Sounds like a great time you all have been having! Great photos! About the street signs, you can't say I didn't warn ya ;). I think we should start a grassroots, underground movement to secretly put up makeshift street signs LOL.