August 6, 2008

Day Fifteen: We Are the Wild Things

"And Max the king of all wild things was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all." Maurice Sendak

Around here we're reading Where the Wild Things Are at least five times a day. It is a Buckaroo favorite. If we're not reading it, we are often singing the tune to the wild rumpus. Does everyone make up his own soundtrack to the wild rumpus? Ours is heavy on the drums.

We've got more that a week of solitude still spread out in front of us, and I think we're starting to feel like banished wild things on our own little wild island.

Turns out R is the only floor mopper around here, and I never realized before how desperately someone needs to do that job on a regular basis. Right now, in fact, there's a lovely salad of potato, cheerio, soy bean and blueberry all over the place.

The good news: I've figured out a way to bathe. At a La Leche League meeting yesterday one woman said I should throw scrubbies out of the shower and let Buckaroo fetch them. I tried it this morning, and it worked! I am a happily bathed woman again.

Also, we did get out of the house today. Our FMF took us to Worcester for a little discount home supply shopping (so many possibilities!) and lunch at O'Connors' Irish pub. My lunch was a football-sized fish with chips. Mostly I enjoyed the hot cocktail, coffee with frangelico, and strangely I don't have the post-coffee jitters. I think the caffeine and alcohol balanced each other out.

It poured waterfalls of rain today. When it rains in California it always feels like morning. You know the song, "and the morning lasted all day . . . " but here it felt like dusk all day. When Buckaroo woke up to tell me it was 7:30 a.m., and he needed some oof I didn't even believe him.

But then when we returned from our crazy driving-in-the-rain trip the sky cleared, and the lake was still, and the fish were jumping, and it really was dusk.

Last, I think I'm officially over my cooking strike. Today I took Buckaroo to the store, and I bought vegetables: lettuce, asparagus, cucumber, mushrooms, bells, and red onion. I'm determined to make a meal tomorrow. I was going to make one tonight, but that gargantuan fried fish tuckered me out.

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Let the wild rumpus begin!