August 1, 2008

Day Ten: That's a Wrap

Well, I wish it was a wrap. I mean I'm ready for everyone to come home now. This whole alone-time in the woods has been muy muy inspirational. I've laughed, I've cried, I've read some books, and had a cocktail or two-- yes, all by myself. Don't judge me.

Today I realized that, 1: It's August, and summer is almost over. The baby maples on the walk to the mailbox are starting to get rusty tops. 2: R and Sweet Potato will not be home for another two weeks, Obo in three, and by that time there's just a sliver of summer pie left to enjoy.

I'm not, though, ready to start cooking dinners again. Maybe that is my cosmic karma: If I cook it, they will come, but I'm not cooking a dagnabbed thing, which is why I bought myself a veggie wrap for lunch today.

Wraps are a hot item out here. Every where I go someone's got a wrap. Don't get me wrong, I like a wrap as much as the next person, and they might as well do something with those tortillas because ain't nobody making Mexican food. I just think it's an odd little cultural quirk, and I don't know why they're not so big in California. I imagine that if I moved from here to the West Coast, I would probably miss the wraps.

I don't think I've mentioned though, there is no Juice Squeeze out here. Juice Squeeze: 70% juice, 30% carbonated water, what's not to love? How I miss it. I've tried to recreate it at home, but it's not the same.

Also, I did not know that hummus could also be spelled hommus. It says so right there in the Market Basket. I had some hommus on my wrap today. So tasty!

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