August 26, 2008

First Day of School Funk

Here's Sweet Potato and her worried first day of school face. I snapped this on the fly as we chased R and Buckaroo (in the jogger) down the dirt road to the bus stop. We were late, but that was ok because the bus never showed up.

Sweet Potato hitched a ride to school with our neighbor, her daughter Tap Girl, and another kid I like to call Puppy Boy.

I'm happy to report that Sweet Potato had a joyful first day of school. Here's a quote:

"I sat by myself at lunch, and this boy sat next to me and started eating his Oreos-- he had a perfectly good peanut butter and jelly right there-- so I thought, 'well, I'm just going to eat my Nutter Butters then' and I did. Then a girl came up and asked me if I wanted to sit with her friends, and I moved to their table. They were laughing at everything. They even laughed at my name (but not in a mean way). The first girl said, 'Do you wish you hadn't sat at our table?' And I said, 'I'm never leaving this table as long as I don't have to sit by Oreo Boy again.'"

She and Tap Girl managed to find their way on to the homeward bound bus, and when Sweet Potato arrived she ate two cheese tostadas and gave me all the details.

Later, R came home from his one day at the office, and we weighed the pros and cons of the two job offers he's received. It's like he's trying to choose whom to take to the prom all over again. Lucky dog. He's playing coy.

So I was the only one in a funk today. I don't know what it was, but I couldn't shake it. The cooler weather maybe, or the fact that Buckaroo and I were without vehicle all day. R is talking about pulling the boat from the lake soon and bringing up the dock. Sweet Potato started school, R's changing jobs, and this is all really happening-- and it's happening without Obo.

Well, I'll stop there before I become morose.

In the wise words of Kevin Henkes: "Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better."


Anonymous said...

Cute pic and interesting first day of school. It made me smile to read she had a good first day. Good news about the jobs - he is a hot commodity, isn't he? I've been in a funk to about our Obo child. Luv QW

Anonymous said...

I know a Fig Newton boy, and he's pretty cute!