August 13, 2008

A Wenham PS

I forgot to mention that Knitter Bee and I also popped into the a produce stand where I found figs! I was so relieved to see my old friends. I wasn't sure I'd find a fig out here, and if I have to go to Wenham for more of the little luxuries, to Wenham I will go.

Also, I did not mention Knitter Bee's lovely husband, who is a Mass native and (I've been told) sometimes refers to Bee as "My California wife."

And one last, but very important thing: Knitter Bee made us a green salad, and she happened to mention that she added maple syrup to the dressing just as I was about to dig in.

Many people hold it against me and wonder if I can really be American-- even more so out here in Maple Land-- but I do not enjoy maple syrup, so I have to admit that I halted my fork over my plate and let it hover there for a few seconds, but I quickly decided to give it the ol' "when in Rome" try.

I couldn't believe my taste buds. It was fantabulous.

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