September 20, 2008

Farm Season

"When most people think of Massachusetts, they really just think of Boston," Sweet Potato said today, and I was definitely one of those people. I had no idea that a big chunk of the state was covered in farmland. In 2002, there were more than 518,000 acres of farm land here, and that showed decline. I knew the pilgrims planted crops; I just didn't know someone kept tending them.
Out here, conversations about corn on the cob-- which roadside farm stand has the best ears and how much they cost-- run neck and neck with discussions about the cost of oil and the abundance of rain.

The farms aren't just for food now, though. They're a huge source of entertainment for the people of the woods: Pick-your-own berries, pumpkins, apples-- depending on the season-- bog tours, tractor rides, hay rides, corn mazes, Christmas trees, wine tasting, walking trails, gift shops, bakeries, and food contests. One farm even boasts a state-of-the-art milking parlor. It makes me giggle to think of the jersey cows sipping tea cross-legged in the parlor, waiting a turn to give milk.
On a whim we decided to go to our nearby apple-picking farm today. Sweet Potato was really hoping the trees would have Pink Ladies (secretly, I was too) but I think they're grown in Australia. We picked McIntoshes.

I love the names of apples and once included a list of them in a poem I wrote: Braeburn, Pippin, Golden Delicious, Cortland, Jonagold, Crab (so yummy soaked in cinnamon!) . Too bad it was a lousy poem, but maybe I can part it out one day.
Back to the farm: We were too cheap to pay 30 bucks for the corn maze and goat petting, but Buckaroo had a good time riding around in the wagon. Sweet Potato and I enjoyed our caramel apples very much, while R gobbled his warm apple pie. Not as good as my mom's (QW), he said-- always a gentleman.
Buckaroo enjoyed sampling apples straight from the tree.

Afterward we ordered take-out from the Thai restaurant down the road. My idea of the perfect day.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for those farmahs young lady! I'm glad you were chaperoned going out looking like that in your cute new do! :)FMF

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about our trip to Apple Hill last year - ( Obo too!) we had a great time. I'm happy to hear there's much to choose from in the way of apples and other goodies. Try a bog tour in the future - Leisure Lee and I had fun learning about the history of cranberries. Very cute pictures of the family. Luv QW