October 28, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. Right now I'm sitting in front of the fire. It's a fake propane fire, but it looks real enough, and it feels roasty toastie. I told R that it was a bummer having the wood pellet stove in the basement because I didn't have a place to warm my tushie when I needed to take the chill off. He lit the stove. It smells like burning dust, but that smells like home, like the end of summer.

2. Santa. I know some people opt out of the jolly old elf idea, but I love the guy. Today Buckaroo and I drove down to meet R for lunch and return some frumpy clothes to JJill, and Buckaroo spotted a stuffed Santa ornament. He's been loving up that Santa ever since. He kisses and hugs him, and then plays CRASH with him which means that Santa flies, sleighless, across the room, so Buckaroo can fetch him and love him up all over again.

3. This American Life. I listened to Ira Glass and the boys interview the links in the chain of the mortgage fiasco while driving all the way down 495-- at least I think that's where I was-- and they made me happy even though the topic was bleak. I download the podcast on iTunes these days. So handy.

4. Meeting R for lunch. It's like bonus R time. He's all stressed out about a consulting thingy he's got on Thursday, but I very much enjoyed my Navajo sandwich made with fry bread.

5. There's this feeling I get when I'm driving down the wet narrow roads, and the orange-leafed trees are bending over low over the car. It all feels so comfortable as if I lived here in a past life, and I was always meant to return. It's odd because I am simultaneously incredibly homesick.

6. I love to watch Sweet Potato practice her little hip hop dance. She does this thing where she wiggles her shoulders and sways in a circle. She looks so grown up and little-kid-like at the same time, and it makes both of us laugh. She promises to teach me.

7. Some mornings there's a mist all over everything as if a dragon flew through at night and snorted everywhere, but it looks especially eerie and beautiful over the lake.

8. Cheese. My SF poetry group met every two weeks, and my friend Annie, lovely woman that she is, would supply us with a copious amount of cheese. I miss the group terribly, and I miss the incentive to write a poem every other week, but I've really been fantasizing about that cheese. There's gotta be a place to get a good chevre around here. The goats are everywhere for crying out loud!

9. Chippies, or chipmunks. Today when I pulled up the drive there was a chippy poking his head out of the trunk of the oak in front of the house. I turned off the engine and watched him for a long time until he ran away. I never thought about what a chippy eats, but apparently they do not eat acorns. I wish they did because we have acorns aplenty.

10. Kitchen-Aid mixers. I love them like some people love sports cars, I think. Today I spotted a copper kitchen-aid in the Williams-Sonoma display window. I oggled it for a long time, and then I had to wipe my drool from the glass.
11. I love that so many Cali folks have gone way out of their ways to visit us. Monkey Girl and her parents are coming for a December visit, and I'm so excited to see them it's lifting me out of my post-parental-visit funk.

I guess that was more than a few favorites. I should have titled it "Several of My Favorite Things."

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Suzanne said...

We can't wait to see you! And you know what? I think frybread is one of the best things in the whole wide world. Yum, yum! You lucky girl.