October 12, 2008

Stew-B-Q Extravaganza

Some of my California friends gathered for a potluck today, and I was sad not to be there. I had a very vivid dream about a bright and rambly Victorian in my old little town last night, and I woke up melancholy.

The day improved, though, when we attended our first Stew-B-Q at the home of a friend from the moms' group. A Stew-B-Q is like a barbecue, but instead of bringing ribs and potato salad, everyone brings a crock full of stew. I made squash stew, and it was a hit! Vegetarian, too.

I thought the event was a New England tradition, but the New Englanders seemed to be just as baffled by the idea, so I'm not sure of its origin.

It was a warm day, and we all hung outside with steaming bowls of stew (clam chowder, New Brunswick, Chili, Chicken) while the children rolled up and down the driveway, squealing, in their toy vehicles. Later, they played pin the worm on the apple tree (paper worms, paper tree) and painted pumpkins. Poor Buckaroo doesn't really understand paint yet, but Sweet Potato helped him out. He may take after his mother in the art area.

Buckaroo fell asleep in the car on the way home, about 4:30, and he seems to be out for the night.

The neighbors' granddaughters are visiting this weekend, so Sweet Potato dashed next door as soon as we returned home. They played a mean game of hide-and-seek and then roasted marshmallows for smores. Meanwhile R and I enjoyed the quiet by watching the sunset over the lake from our deck until the chilly drove us indoors. R drank a Harvest Moon ale, and I had hot chocolate with marshmallows. With the exception of the turning leaves, hot chocolate might be the best thing about autumn.

R and I talked a lot about Obo and missing him. I realized that I don't say much about Obo in my blog, but I'm always thinking about the ways things would be different if he were here-- which things he would get excited about and which would make him complain. I know for sure we'd have put out the Halloween decorations by now.

Well, I don't want to end on a downer again. My parents arrive in less than a week, so it's time to create the entertainment itinerary!

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