November 16, 2008

Birthday Blessings

I had a darn good birthday weekend, despite almost being knocked on my arse by the dagnabbed wind.

Woke up Saturday morning to prezzies-- my favorite way to start a day. R gave me a shiny new compootier (or yap top as Sweet Potato used to call them). Sweet Potato made me a card with the word "honorable" in it, so you know it was a good one. My sweet mama sent me a vest that looks like it's made of orange shag carpet, in the best possible way.

We hopped down to the in-laws, dropped off the kidlets and had a leisurely dinner at The Melting Pot. Yum. If you haven't heard of it, it's all fondue. We had cheese with lager, broth with burgundy, and chocolate with caramel. So tasty. When we returned R's mom had made carrot cake, and everybody sang, and I wished for -- please goddess please-- not too much snow.

Today, after R and I spotted our first redbellied woodpecker at the birdfeeder, I had brunch with my new mama friends. That's us in the picture. Clockwise from the top row: Red Mama, Doula Mama, Tri Mama, Green Mama, Frog Mama, Me, and Hockey Mama. It was really fun, and I am still amazed that I've made seven fabulous friends (FMF was supposed to make it but has a nasty case of bronchitis).

I told them not to bring me gifts, but they ignored that and brought things to help me brave the ravages of winter.

R took the kids to Ashland to visit Grammy, so I had the rest of the afternoon to go Christmas shopping. I even found my way around without GPS. I think I took a few circuitous routes, but in the end I got to where I wanted to be.

Back at home there was a tree waiting for me, a bare-branched Ginkgo sent by some of my friends in California. The card read, "Some things thrive no matter where they are planted," which made me cry some hearty tears. I can't wait to see the green leaves unfurl and turn gold-- another prezzie to get me through winter, but first we have to decide where to plant him and what to name him. Maybe Duckfoot.

I think a birthday boost was exactly what I needed. I feel so loved.


Anonymous said...

You are loved my dear! QW

Anonymous said...

I kinda feel like one of those imaginary friends. The FMF. The one that no one has actually seen, so we're all a little suspicious of my actual existence. Perfect.
Happy Birthday Lovey, Yours Forever, FMF

Lee Anne said...

What a beautiful writing of your birthday. Thanks for inviting me to share it with you. Really happy you snuck into my life. Frog Mama