October 24, 2009

Odds & Ends

It's autumn! Yesterday I taught myself how to build a fire in the new wood stove while R was at work, and only had to make one panicky phone call in the process. While I did have a fire that lasted the day, for some reason I couldn't get the house to a toasty 70, so I baked some cookies. The house was warm, my belly was full.

It's a misty drizzly Saturday morning, and Sweet P is on her way to Salem with a friend, dressed as a pirate. Did I mention how, growing up, I thought the Salem witch trials took place in Salem, Oregon? That's a Western girl for ya.

I was just remembering when, one August a few years before we moved here, R and I took the kids to Salem, MA for the day. The brick buildings reminded me of Chico, CA, where I went to college. As we were driving back to R's parents' house I said, "I could see myself living here," and R said, "Ha! You've never been here in the winter!"

And, here we are. You never know where life's gonna lead.

Buckaroo has reached a couple of milestones: He no longer nurses and sleeps all by himself in a big boy bed-- most nights. Next up: potty training. He also enjoys playing with his train set now instead of dismantling the pieces and tossing them about the room. Of course, there was the time he peed on his train set, but we're all hoping that was a one-time act. He completes puzzles by himself and very much enjoys a game of hide-and-seek, which he calls, "You Can't Find Me."

Sweet P is signed up for her first horse riding lesson next week and really enjoys her piano lessons. Her piano teacher is a poet as well, and likes to recite poetry to us. It's quite funny. Sweet P also has a job one hour a week at the farm up the road. She helps in their gift store, mostly stuffing things with lavender.

R spends most of his time, outside of work, disabusing me of my home renovation ideas. It's a tough job, and I don't envy him, but he chose to marry me. He even did the asking. He's also been in the woods behind our house cutting and clearing broken branches. He's cleared a long run for sledding, too. I am looking forward to that. I've already ordered hot chocolate from Dean's Beans.

The farmer's almanac said there wouldn't be much snow this winter, but it's already snowed three days, and it's not even Halloween. This year we will conquer the slopes for sure. Did I mention Buckaroo has a passionate love of the snow? He takes after his father.

R and I dusted off my guitar and are learning three chords: G,C,D. I've learned them several times already, but I just can't make my fingers travel from one to the other with fluidity. Buckaroo's music teacher says it will take me about six months of playing to figure it out and build up my finger calluses. R at least has the ability to hear when he's playing the wrong note. I'm not so lucky, but I keep trying. I feel a bit like Mary from Pride & Prejudice that way.

Oh, and most exciting: R and I are finally celebrating our anniversary this evening (two months later) with Sushi and Sendak.

And Bella still enjoys her daily walk, although it's usually Sweet P who takes her these days. Bella also really digs the compost pile, and she truly needs a bath.

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Anonymous said...

You know if I stand on my tippy toes and look in your direction, I swear I can see you smiling today. xo, fmf