January 10, 2008

Dream in Spanish

I had a dream about my dad last night, except that like most dreams about my dad, he wasn't in it. Instead, I was with his new family (a dream family). He had remarried and was living with his new wife, her father and her son. I was visiting them, but my dad was away on work. They were Mexican. His wife was teaching her son and me how to cook something with chiles, and we were speaking Spanish. I was speaking very slowly, though, and she was laughing at my poor grammar. I really liked her. She was warm and comfortable, and I was thinking how happy I was that my dad finally found someone who was good for him. Now that I think of it, she looked a lot like the waitress at the sushi place down the street.
Then, the way dreams are, I was holding buckaroo. My dad's new wife asked me in Spanish, "What is the baby going to call me?" It took me a few seconds to figure out what she had asked. Finally, when I put it together, I said, "He'll call you Abuela."
I don't know why this makes me cry.
Then my doorbell rang, and I woke up.

* I have to add that Sweet Potato read and critiqued this post. She said the new wife sounded mean when she laughed at my Spanish, and I should change that part to make it clearer. I said maybe "giggled" would be a more appropriate word.

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