January 29, 2008

Just When I Thought It Was Safe to Make Cinnamon Rolls

Buckaroo has been wheat and dairy intolerant since day one. Of course we didn't figure this out until he got just about as colicky as any two parents could stand, and I cut everything out of my diet except rice, squash, and turkey. It was a miserable time. I gradually added foods back into my tummy (and breastmilk) and we realized that it was my love of pastries and hot chocolate that was doing us all in.

So, I cut out the wheat and dairy, and Buckaroo stopped his nightly screaming, and his rash went away, too. Hallalujah! Unfortunately, I am not a "food is just fuel" kind of person. I am a "food is love and comfort and family and joy" kind of person, so I keep falling off the wheat and dairy wagon. Partly, I keep thinking that he has to grow out of this allergy because no one else in our family has it. Dagnabit. So his rash comes and goes (on his cheeks and bum), but he doesn't cry anymore. Sure, there's a general fussiness, and he never sleeps for more that a two-hour stretch at night. That's just how babies are sometimes, right?

No, turns out I am a terrible mother as evidenced by the dark pink rings under my son's eyes yesterday morning-- caused by allergies, according to Dr. Sears. Buckaroo looks like a little albino raccoon. People have asked why I don't discontinue breastfeeding Buckaroo and just give him formula. According to my fearless La Leche League leaders, formula will probably make him break out in a rash all over his body-- not a better alternative than a wagonless mother, I think.

So, now I'm back on the wagon and super dedicated again. Last night I made wedding soup with quinoa (the food of the future) instead of pasta, and I've even been checking out the gluten- and dairy-free blogs. Looks like they've got some good recipes. I'm adding the links to my favorites.

But I'd already made the cinnamon rolls. They are just sitting on the kitchen table all plump and sugary and ready to be frosted. Bah!

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