January 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This morning R picked up a scrap of carpet from a Freecycler (love it!) and cut it to fit our dining room. I'm going to start calling it the common room because it's the only room where we can all hang out since our bedroom is in the living room. Now Buckaroo won't have to scrach his bitty knees on the splintery hard wood floor anymore!

The five of us walked down to Park Street and had breakfast at Jim's. Actually, Buckaroo didn't walk, he rode in the stroller, and he didn't eat much either, just few Cheerios. We stopped at the toy store where the big kids oggled the Playmobiles. Then we sauntered down to the market and bought a bag of groceries and smoothie fixings, so we can try out the new blender my mom gave me for Christmas. Thanks Mom!

I'm going to miss the walks down to Park Street, running into people we know, browsing Books Inc., grabbing a sundae and stopping in at the library for a book or two that we saw on the shelves at Books Inc.

I was getting really bummed out about not having a Park Street in The Woods, so on the way home I decided to think of things to which I am looking forward in MA:

1. Having a bedroom door-- having a bedroom, really.
2. The fine schools
3. Having a dishwasher
4. Fall
5. Summer
6. Spring
7. Christmastime snow

That's all I could come up with on the walk. When we got home a nice lady and her two boys came and took Sam away to try him out for a week. Their doggie, Harvey, likes to chase cats, so Sam may be coming home in a few days, and that's how I'm not sad about it. He may be coming back.

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