January 12, 2008

Moving News

Big News. R found out today that he will be able to continue working for his company for at least three months once we move to The Woods. This means that we don't have to wait for R to find a job before we move. This means that the move is definitely happening, and it's only six months away. I get this tingly feeling in the back of my throat and eyeballs when I start to think about it. Everyone I love is here. In California. Right now. Except Papa Orman who happens to be in Oregon, but that's still West Coast. I'm making a list of all of the things I must do (ok, I would very much like to do) before leaving California. Here's the beginning:
Go to Yosemite (probably not going to happen because Buckaroo squeals in his carseat after an hour)
Go to the Gilroy Garlic Festival
Eat many Taco Tree burritos (extra cheese, no onions)
Go to the Buddhist Temple in Berkeley for Thai lunch on a Sunday
Visit Papa Orman in Oregon and see a play in Ashland
Pick ollalaberries in Half Moon Bay and make jam, or at least a pie
See a Shakespeare play in Orinda
Eat oysters in San Francisco . . . .

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SierraNevadaAngel said...

As I catch up on your life, one Blog Post at a time, from the begining because that is how my head works, I giggle as I shed a tear! You are a grown up version of your high school self and I dig that!!! I had to comment on this post to let you know that I still eat my bean burritos the same way since high school... no onions & extra cheese! My children do too! -Jen(ny)