April 21, 2008

Baby's First Hair Cut

Buckaroo had his first haircut tonight while taking a bath. R did the actual trimming while I held the baby, gasped intermittently, and tried to distract both of us with rubber duckies. I think Buckaroo looks a bit like David Hasselhoff with his new do, but R says not. This is his "first haircut" photo (note the moving boxes in the background).

Oh, and that is not even the most exciting news! This week Buckaroo said, "shoes" quite clearly. Obo insists that Buckaroo has said, "Ma Bruvver" several times this week, but this has not been witnessed. Yesterday on our way home from San Francisco, Buckaroo wagged his finger during the "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" song.

Tonight, though-- He took his first ever solo steps! Ta Da.
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