April 11, 2008


I've become somewhat obsessed with the weather. It's downright hot in my little neck of the Bay today-- 73 degrees, but in The Woods it's only 47 today. R's mom says she doesn't expect to see the ground there until June. What I want to know is: June 1st? www.weather.com has become my new favorite web site, and while it does predict that it will be cloudy and showery and cold in The Woods through the weekend, next week it will be Sunny! A high of 61 degrees! It's practically skinny-dipping weather.


Anonymous said...

You need to embrace you Finnish heritage and learn to love the sauna and skinny dipping in a cold lake or jumping naked in the snow. That's how the Finns do it.

Anonymous said...

Evidently the Dutch enjoy their saunas too:
"As far as public nudity goes, the Dutch attitude is surprisingly inflexible: take it off. When it comes to Dutch saunas, modesty has no place—it’s birthday suit or no entry—but find the courage, and you’ll find nude bathing a relaxing experience. Or at least something to write home about."
- from suite101.com