June 25, 2008

A Day at Home

Seriously, am I the only one who thinks this sign is funny?
Buckaroo and I spent most of the day solo because R and the big kids drove The Cousin to the airport, and I had to wait for the movers to deliver our stuff.
I decided to sit outside and be quiet and see what I could see. Mary Oliver makes it sound so romantic. Oliver did not, I believe, have a toddler. There's not much sitting with Buckaroo. We did catch a glimpse of a hummingbird, though. My first Massachusetts hummingbird! It was gone so quickly I couldn't even say what color it was.
Our stuff was delivered, too. It feels weird to have it here-- like someone took all of my insides and put them in another person's body. I'm happy to have my treasures, but it takes away from the vacationy feeling I was enjoying so much.
Later, R and I took Buckaroo down to the water to watch the sunset, and the fish were going crazy. They were jumping out of the lake left and right. I love to watch fish jump. It's like watching falling stars. I can't wait to go fishing, and I really want to learn how to fly fish. Maybe that will be my goal for the summer instead of water skiing because it looks like Bob the Boatman is never coming to fix the boat.
I told our neighbor, G, that I want to learn how to snowshoe in the winter. She said it's really hard, but she has snowshoes, and she'll go out with me when I'm ready. I didn't imagine it would be difficult. Foiled again. Well, I'm still going to attempt it, but I'll attempt it without the Buckaroo until I get the hang of things.
In the meantime-- my bike is here! Yay! R bought me a new bike while I was preggypotamus, and I've maybe ridden it three times ever. I can't wait to explore.


Anonymous said...

Leisure Lee and I always get very excited when the fish jump on the water...We both say, "did you see that one?" And we love falling stars too. Did you have butterflies in your tummy when all your belongings showed up at youe door? QW in Auburn.

Suzanne said...

I seriously LOVE that sign. I think I'll have to make a print of it. It's inspired me -- I should fill the chokey with pictures of wacky signs and other silly travel images. It'll be our own brand of bathroom suduko. Slippery when Frosty (complete with crossed tire marks) was one we saw in NZ. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/40/E9641-Katoomba-Slippery-when-frosty.jpg/450px-E9641-Katoomba-Slippery-when-frosty.jpg

Masasa said...

I remember first noticing that sign when we moved here last summer! Thanks for taking me on the journey all over again!