June 9, 2008

Five Golden Days

"On your mark, get ready, set, now run away for good"
The Damnwells

This morning I walked downtown with Buckaroo on my back, grabbed a decaf, soy, iced mocha, and perused the bookstore. There's something about a baby on the back-- he brings out a hello from everyone. It made me all teary.
Five days left, and I've become a total sap. I think every song I hear is speaking to me personally.
I've decided to get a tattoo of a California poppy on my bum. Ok, maybe. I'm not big on tattoos, and Obo says this makes me []. I've just never been able to think of anything I will still enjoy when I'm all old and wrinkly.
Obo also says the fact that I don't enjoy tv or consuming mass amounts of high fructose corn syrup makes me square. I said if I did enjoy those things I would be round, not square-- which I thought was hilarious. He did not.
Good news! Sweet Potato had a class party at the park today, and when she left this morning, I said, "Do you want to bring a book?" and she said, "Why?" Hallalujah!
I should explain that while I like to encourage reading as much as the next parent, Sweet Potato has been using her books to shield herself from the other children at her new school, reading every recess and in-class break. So, the last week of school, and we've finally had a break through!
Ok, time for Buckaroo's diaper change.


angela said...

My husband and I are relocating from Los Angeles to Iowa City in 6 weeks for him to attend grad school. He is over the moon with excitement, but I've been so sad lately and feeling so much like you describe in your posts. The goodbyes are so difficult and I feel like crying more often than not anymore. I feel like I stumbled upon your blog at just the right moment, and I just wanted to thank you for putting a voice to my feelings, although we've never met.

Change is a positive part of life. We both just need to remember this and when the woods or the corn fields get lonely. We must take comfort in our families, and know that love will get us through anything--even Iowa or Massachusetts. Everything is going to be okay...

Best of Everything to You and Your Family,
Angela Dezen (Damnwells' wife)

Patricia Caspers said...

Thanks Angela! I'm so glad to hear that you were able to take something good out of my crazy ramblings.

I'll be thinking of you in Iowa!