June 22, 2008

A Little Lightning

Today was sunny. The kids were playing rattlesnake toss in front of the house, and I hung laundry out on the line. Buckaroo seems to have recovered from his fevered state and was practicing stair climbing.

Then, a few drops.

We came inside to close the windows, and while I was nursing Buckaroo lightning and thunder struck at the same time. A huge crash. It made my heart leap and Buckaroo jumped up to see what was happening. And there it was, a torrential downpour.

R says he's missed this kind of rain. I am not yet a fan of rain in the summertime. In the Bay Area there is the season of rain and the season of no rain. One is a bit chillier than the other, but not always. Summer means dry, dust, sometimes drought. I don't miss the drought.

R says there isn't a rainless season in The Woods. Bah.

Other things I have learned after one week in The Woods:

There is a way to hang shirts on the line so they don't have pinched shoulders
Wait until evening to water the garden because it may rain
Wear mosquito repellent at all times
Mosquitoes are not above biting one's skull and palms
Having a dishwasher does not mean no dish washing-- in fact it seems to increase dish use
Everyone has his own way of building a puzzle, but some are more effective than others
It's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a jello mold and a cake pan
It's never a good idea to bake a cake in a jello mold, and results can be quite messy and ruin a perfectly good Harvey Wallbanger cake

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