June 24, 2008

What is This?

That's what I ask myself several times a day. This is picture is of the little piney-ferny stuff I mentioned in a previous post.
Today was mostly sunny with one brief thunder storm. Hurrah! Unfortunately, the boat man did not show up. Stinky boat man.
I made a big trip into Gardner today and found Priscilla's candy store. YeeHaw. I just about bought the place out, I think. Then I mosied (it's the kinda town that makes you want to mosey) up to the 50s style diner. I had myself a rootbeer float. The little gal behind the counter brought me a tankard of rootbeer with three giant scoops of vanilla and a bowl underneath to catch the falling foam. Golden oldies were playing on the radio, too.
My first car in high school was a Mazda GLC, and it had only an AM radio, so all I could listen to was the oldies station. I know every word to every bee bop song ever written, possibly.
There I was dipping my fries in ketchup, slurping down my vat of rootbeer, humming along with "Shop Around," a gigantic bag o' candy sitting on the stool next to me. I could really get used to this place.
Here are some different things I've noticed:
There's one parking meter for two cars-- punch the left or right button-- R says this is yankee thrift.
Everybody asks me if I'm a Red Sox fan. I'm not sure how to respond to this as I'm not a fan of sports at all. Maybe I should say, "I'm an Austen fan." Oh, but then they might think I mean Austin, Texas. Do they have a team?
Also, when driving along the windy roads, there are signs that say, "Thickly Settled" to let the driver know there are many houses ahead-- I'm guessing-- but when I first saw this sign I cracked up. I told R it sounds like what's happened to my hips.

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