July 31, 2008

Day Nine:View from the Oven

This is the view from one end of the kitchen. The fridge and stove are behind me, the sink is to the left. What you can't see so much is the bricky linoleum that begins right where Buckaroo is sitting in his high chair.

I think I'd like a bit more color in my kitchen, but mostly what I want is light! Hallalujah-Praise-the- Lord kind of Light. Our house is so dark we could grow mushrooms in here-- which is why Buckaroo and I have to get outside every day, rain or sunshine. Walking back from the mailbox today we spotted our first Eastern Goldfinch and (I think) his dull little mate. According to Wikipedia, they are monogamous, seed-eating, and range from Canada to North Carolina. They're also known as wild canaries.
Today a California friend visited and ran around with Buckaroo while I unpacked a few boxes. I don't think I can unpack anymore because we've filled every nook and crevice with our junk. We're just going to have to stuff the rest in the attic and never look back. Isn't that what attics are for?


Anonymous said...

I love your vision for the kitchen look.. I'm pretty sure it's doable. QW

Suzanne said...

Oh, T, just seeing your dragonfly and slainte bags slumped in that chair made me miss you being near more.

So what's first for Project Lumos? Paint? Flooring? Window treatments? So many possibilities!

John Briggs said...

The above red "Copyright image stolen" is what happens when you do not ask permission to use my photos.

Patricia Caspers said...

Sorry, John. My mom told me I'd get in trouble for that. I've deleted it now.