July 8, 2008

Mass Miscellaneous

This is one of the wacky plants we saw on our hike up Mt. Potato. I have no idea what it is.

Today we met our neighbors, P, P & B. They are crazy year-rounders just like us! B brought over his friend K-- who also lives on the lake, and all of the kids went swimming. Obo was shy and sat on the beach raking sand, but I coerced Sweet Potato into making conversation, and she eventually had fun with them. Afterward, Obo said, "Why don't you call B and invite him over again tomorrow, and tell him that I'll talk this time." So that's the plan.

Tomorrow Buckaroo and I are going to a playdate in Lunenberg. I just love the name of that town. If I were to live in a town because of its name, that's the one I'd pick.

R and I are going green! Well, it's mostly his doing. Yesterday the plumber installed two new low-flow toilets. I never thought I'd be excited about a toilet, but there it is.

There is much talk about heating out here, and everyone talks in tons-- as in, "How many tons of wood pellets does it take to heat your house in the winter?" I cannot fathom how much a ton of wood pellets is, or a cubic yard of sand for that matter, which is another purchase we are about to make.

Bob the boat man was supposed to come back today. He said we've got a bad fuel pump. R figures he'll be back on Thursday. We'll see. Apparently Bob was supposed to fix R's dad's generator-- which we will need if we invest in a pellet stove and the electricity goes out-- and he's had the thing for five years. He's still waiting on a part.

Tonight we grilled tuna steaks on the bbq, and I put too much salt in the cajun spice mix, but otherwise it was tasty.

Time to get the Buckaroo to bedfordshire.


Masasa said...

I think all the talk about heating out here is because SOOOOOOO many houses are heated by oil (the electric seems to be most common in the northern west coast) and the winters are *cold,* at least in Worcester. Seriously, my dw and I spent $800 on heating in about two weeks before we knew better. I am so ready to get a pellet stove myself...and I hear we all have to be quick about it because they are going out of stock everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm envious that your able to get outdoors - it's horrible in Ca. There are so many fires right now, it is very scary. QW